How To Choose A Real Estate Agent 22/05/12

Selling your home can be a very daunting process and appointing the right real estate agent to sell your home is crucial in making sure that you not only have a smooth sailing experience, but ensure you get the very best price in the market.

Choosing a real estate agent can not always be an easy task however there are opportunities for you to do some research and speak with different agents in your suburb. 1 good way of getting started in your search for the perfect agent is to see what homes are for sale in your area and what company / individual is carrying the most listings. Although some people will argue that they will be too busy to provide you with the personal contact you require, I disagree and say that these agents are carrying the most listings because they are the best in the area.

You have probably received many phone calls, emails, letters, text messages etc from many different agents over the time that you have owned your property which can make it difficult to choose which agent to use. Generally the agents who have been consistent, touching base with you over a long period of time are the ones you will remember to call into your home to speak with. This is a great starting point. The agents who remain in contact with you and push hard for your business are the agents you want selling your home because they are the ones that will push hard for the top dollar.

When selecting a real estate agent to sell your home you should interview multiple agents to get an understanding of how they operate, how they intend on marketing your home, the strategy i.e auction or private sale, and how much they charge for their service. Getting an understanding of these key points is important on making your decision however their service fee should not be the be the key deciding factor.

Many vendors justify their decision of engaging a real estate agent by the agents “fee” or “commission”. The reality is that a lot of the time you do get what you pay for. By this I mean that you can often be far better off paying a slightly higher commission to the right agent rather than appoint an agent that is not going to do everything he can to get you the very best price in the market. If you could pay an extra $4,000 in commission to generate an extra $20,000 in terms of sale price, would you do it? of course you would.

When choosing an agent make sure you choose him or her for the right reasons. far too often I hear about vendors choosing their sons best friends brother to sell their home, or maybe you have an out of area cousin who sells real estate and has offered to handle the sale of your home. This is not a good option, you should choose the agent who you feel will best handle the sale of your greatest asset. The sale of a property isn’t something you want to leave up to anyone but the best!

Sam Rapke

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Tim May 27, 2012 Reply

A very interesting read Sam. I’m in the process of trying to find a real estate agent at the moment and it’s been quite daunting!

Mehron Mashayekh May 27, 2012 Reply

The agent you choose should have excellent advice regarding how best to promote your property for sale. Their knowledge of local communication channels and how to obtain greatest coverage for your property should be unparalleled in the area.

Sam Rapke May 27, 2012 Reply

Some great points there Mehron. When will we see you post up an article on your experiences operating out of a busy Manningham office? very keen to read some market comments / professional views!

Mehron May 27, 2012

Its pleasure Sam to have article on your site about the Manningham market. We are starting to see very good numbers through our open homes on Saturday we had 32 groups through home in Doncaster East which is sensational in the market we are in buyers confidence has defiantly started to go up with RBA reducing rates.  

Robert Sheahan May 28, 2012 Reply

This is a really good article Sam and some great points anyone looking to appoint an agent should take into account. Busy agents are typically busy for a reason, they’re damn good at what they do.
The other thing you should look for is an agent who is passionate and loves what they do, a professional agent who loves what they do will make selling a home a much smoother and enjoyable process. A top agent should also be able to demonstrate examples of how they negotiate and demonstrate how they will achieve the best price possible.

Sam Rapke May 28, 2012 Reply

Hi Rob,
You have included some very important points here. I think a good example of demonstrating your ability to negotiate can often be at the time of listing the property for sale. Although when asking for for the business may apply a little pressure on the potential vendor, it sure does show (if done correctly) that when it does come time to achieve the maximum price in the market, you have the negotiation skills that are needed.

Mehron May 28, 2012 Reply

You are 100% correct Rob you have some very god points.

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